Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 26 Saturday March 20 2010 first day of spring...

I love the idea of spring. It's what it brings that makes me dislike it so. I love fall. The cooler temperatures, the ability to keep my screen door open, the smells, the relief from the Atlanta humidity. Spring has the ability to have the same qualities that I love about fall except everything is blooming! With blooming comes allergies, sinus infections and bronchitis. So while I like the warmer weather, the ability to take Rex on walks in the dog park, wearing less clothing, seeing the beautiful flowers bloom on the trees I can't ever bring myself to fully enjoy it. Case in point...the sneeze fest that has occurred today. If I sneezed once, I sneezed a thousand times. I figured it might be due to pollen so I cleaned my porch even the fan outside, dusted the whole house, vacummed, mopped, washed the bedding, the dog. You name it, it was done. They don't call it spring cleaning for nothing. As the day ended and the night was upon me, I was happy at how clean my house was but I was still sick as a dog! So much for zertex.


The good news though, is I realized that today has been a whole month since my heartbreak. Sure I'm going through some health issues I have yet to overcome. I am so much further ahead than I thought I would be last month! I haven't gone a whole month without smoking a cigerrette since I was a teenager! That is a huge accomplishment. I have lost 10 pounds the healthy way in a month. I have started and kept this journal even with internet issues. I have gone on my first blind date. I have not spoken to the person who caused me so much pain in a month. I will survive!!! In a month I have accomplished so much. So what if for the last week, I have been down. It does not take away the courage, class and focus I have had in reinventing myself. If I have accomplished just this small list of things in a month, I wonder where I will be by next month! I have so much hope in my heart!

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  1. As a child, summer was the best season, obviously.

    As an adult, I appreciate the late sunsets and the warm weather, as I enjoy bicycling.

    But summer in Minnesota, while not as hot as Atlanta, is usually less than fantastic. There's no such thing as dry heat here in Minnesota. If it's hot, it's humid. But some summers we rarely see 90-degree days. Some summers we get a couple dozen, but it's possible to have a "cool" summer here. I don't bank on it, but it can happen. Thankfully the heat is never as oppressive here as it must be in Atlanta.

    I hate sneezing. I get a spring allergy, which is usually minor, but it does cause sneezing. Sneezing angers me. It's a bit ridiculous how angry sneezing makes me.

    I hope you return to your blog.