Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 8 Snow day...or maybe not

Today I went to work surrounded by beautiful snowflakes. I thought for sure that since it was sticking when I left to go to work this morning, that we would get to leave early. No such luck. I love the snow. It's so beautiful coming down. It really calms me down for some reason and makes me appreciate the simple beauty of nature. I was really disappointed that I couldn't enjoy it. By the time I got off of work, it had stopped snowing. The little bit that was on the ground when I left this morning was melted. I feel like it was winter's last goodbye. I feel lucky to have seen snow three times this year. It's made me think that maybe since I enjoy snow so much, I should live somewhere that I would see more of it. Wouldn't it be nice to have 4 seasons like I had when I was a little girl. That's something to consider! Who knows, by this time next year I could be on my way to living in a new state. The possibilities are endless. No one made a mandate that I have to live in Atlanta. The people that I moved here with are long gone. The reason why I stayed in Atlanta left a week ago. But there is my job to consider. I would have to find a job equal to or better in both salary and benefits.
Speaking of which, I really am enjoying my job again. I love having a new challenge and conquering it. By the time I have my first one on one with my new supervisor, I want her to be impressed. She gave me back 14.5 hours of paid time off today. Yeah, more vacation time! I want to use it on seeing a part of the country I have never seen. I want to travel more this year too.
I already am on my way to accomplishing some of my goals. I started my diet plan today. I researched jenny craig. You know those commercials...Just call Jenny. Loose 20 pounds for $20.00. Talk about false advertising. It's $130.00 a week for food a lone. To join, they say the only way you can loose the weight and keep it off is to pay $399.00 for a full year of weight loss counseling. Are you kidding me! All I need to do is watch my calorie intake by keeping a food journal and excercise. So who needs Jenny, who by the way was a man!

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  1. I guess I never wondered who Jenny Craig is. Ah, marketing.