Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 15 March 9 Hand written thanks

Today was a good day. I went to work and found out I got 4 hours of PTO awarded due to volunteering to stay behind for the customer operations event. I decided with my date looming ahead I would leave work 3 hours early on Wednesday and come into work 1hour late. Sounds like a good plan. I love the company I work for, and I love the work that I do. I just wish that there wasn't so much politics and backstabbing. The sales managers from my old territory that I worked for came to sit with us. It was a satisfying feeling to have them say they wished I still worked on their team. It made me feel like I really am good at my job. I also received a beautiful hand written card from a sales rep that I supported at my last assignment letting me know how much she appreciated everything I did for her and her team. It's always good to feel appreciated. I finally felt like the work I do everyday touches people's lives. I felt like I make a difference with the company. And that my friends, makes me really excited about my future no matter where it takes me.

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