Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to blog on the go

So my internet connection at home is not working. The landlord stated that it's fine. But since Day 12 March 6 I haven't been able to blog. It's really frustrating because I am taking this project so seriously. So, what I did was what any girl would do. I went and wrote my blog the old school way, in a journal and documented everday. In my journal I included the experiences that I had and the thoughts and feelings that came with it. Today is actually Sunday March 21st but a lot has happened since the March 6 blog. Hopefully I can arrange it in a way that it will all make sense. So here we from Starbucks I am trying to catch up surrounded by beautiful music and the smell of java! I think I might actually prefer blogging this way, surrounded by different people, sounds and smells. Who knows, it might inspire me. Gotta love starbucks!

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