Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 35 Sunday March 28 You know your single when

The funniest thing happened today. Well it began last night, my best friend decided to involve herself in my search for mr. right. Now you must know, I have had my best friend for 24 of my 35 years. She is awesome. I love her like a sister. She is in a very committed happy relationship and has been for many many years. She actually moved to Atlanta from Louisiana to be closer to me and met him soon after arriving here. Lucky bitch!
So for all of my dating life, she has been with me starting with the night I lost my virginity. She picked me up from my "date" behind the swamp in the backwoods of little town named Houma and we had our first official sex talk. Well we've been having them ever since. We don't just talk about men and sex, hell we talk about everything. Men, our other friends, work, our families, other peoples families, celebrities, food. You name it. We gossip about it all like too old women. She is my other half in a very heterosexual way.
After reading this blog, and being very supportive of it from the get go she decided she was going to make it her new life's mission to set me up with mr. right. Now, how she intended on doing this is she set up a bogus account on Plentyoffish.com as BFF 35. It has no picture. It is just a way for her to search for men. This way, she could find men and pick out the ones she likes. I inturn am suppose to contact them once I get off of my ass and join. Now 99% of this is that my best friend wants me to find the right man and be happy. 1% is because she is nosey and the queen of internet stalking. Well I've gone through the people she found and I have to say the woman has taste. So I guess I will be joining plenty of fish.com. Maybe since I obviously am so bad at finding my other half, she will be successful at it. Then I will never hear the end of it!
The funniest thing about it is that just like Match.com we know for a fact these men lie lie lie. My best friend found my ex's best friend on plenty of fish. In it he is all pouting for the camera. He was honest about his weight, height, occupation, etc. In it he said his pet peeves are liars. Well girls and boys it shows his age as 34. The boy is 40! Hilarious. He hates liars and makes it a theme in his profile and yet he lied himself. How ironic!
So I guess I will be setting up another internet dating profile. Uggghhh! At least it will give my best friend and I something else to gossip about...love you Addie!


  1. Ah, POF.com, I dabbled with it a couple of times.

    I'm not saying you should find Mr. Right via the internet, but you stand a good chance, I figure, better than men finding Ms. Right.

    I have always been turned off by the disproportionate numbers online dating has to offer. Typically you find 10-20 times as many men as you find women. I've been honest with myself for a long time, I'm not a great catch, so that kind of attitude doesn't help. But even being open-minded about the world around me, if you're a man, you're competing, big time, for attention. Women need never respond to an ad on a dating site, they'll get a truckload of responses. Add a cute picture to your profile and you'll have to close the flood gates after 24 hours. Fact. Many of those responses will be a waste of your time, but you'll likely get a few honest, decent responses in the bunch. Even providing those honest, decent responses, it never got me very far, and clearly I'm a guy who knows how to write. Although perhaps I write too much. (I'm stating the obvious.)

    I wish you luck. I've been of the opinion that if you use a pay site, like Match, you weed out some of the unwashed masses who can easily respond to your ad on POF, but there are pros and cons to each site. (In all my dabbling, I've never spend a dime on a dating site membership, perhaps that's my problem, I didn't follow my own advice.)

    If you are going to use POF, my unprofessional advice would be to keep your profile generic and faceless, and share details with those whose ads catch your eye. You can't know how much of the ad is fraudulent, but you can avoid having to sift through 100 responses to determine if there is a diamond in the rough. Some women want to be courted, but given what I know, you're better off being proactive rather than reactive.

  2. with no incentive to keep up with your blog, i have taken my sweet time reading the 35 entries. in the meantime i've been trying to put a few of my thoughts into words... my latest efforts are rather challenging.

    i have wondered why it is that a blog i stumbled upon for the silliest of reasons is no longer active. you were gung ho about blogging about this fresh, new and exciting chapter in your life, and now all effort seems to be gone. did you end up in the hospital? are you there right now? or worse?

    here's hoping there's a happy ending to your story, although i may never know it if there is.