Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 17 March 11 Exhaustion

God, I'm tired. I wish I had some time to myself to do nothing. I have laundry, dishes, dusting, vacumming, gardening, blogging, errands and golden girls to watch. It seems like lately I am just go go going with no time to breathe. I wish in a way I wouldn't have used that 4 hours awarded PTO on "the chemist". I could have used it to get some rest. Between getting up and going to work, a quick 30 minute lunch which doesn't leave me much time to do anything but scarf a quick lunch, the gym, once a week therapy sessions, dog walks, and trying to have a life I have no time. Every weekend, it seems like something is going on. I should be grateful, but I'm exhausted. This weekend, my other BFF J wants me to go to the 80"s retro dance night at Eastside Lounge in East Atlanta Village. She has been having issues with her on again off again boyfriend and wants to go out and dance. I just want to go home friday and sleep. I haven't had a drink since Feb 20 and explained my sobriety issues. It's not that I'm an alcoholic, I'm just making better life choices. I don't think I am strong enough to go to a bar. Plus, my mom is coming for the weekend which I am looking forward to. I need to clean, and run errands before she gets here saturday. How am I going to cram it all in? Every time I don't want to or can't do soemthing she wants to do lately she crys and hangs up on me...What to do?

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