Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 32 Thursday March 25 2010-:(

The world can be so cruel to people.I was sitting in starbucks buying some green tea and this woman who had to be younger than me came up to me. You should have seen her face, beautiful but tired. She was obviously pregnant. She asked, barely able to look me in the eye if I had any cash. She is pregnant, has children at home and has lost her job. She doesn't have any money to feed her children. I felt like crying. I instantly gave her the cash I had. You could see the desperation and hopelessness in her eyes. I just wanted to sit her down and tell her everything would work out. Not to loose hope. Some how things would work out. It's sad when a mother cannot feed her children. It really puts things in perspective. I need to get more involved in helping others. Our society now is all about helping ourselves. Looking out for number one. That was a reality check. I have all these personal goals and they are all about bettering me. What about bettering the lives of other people who are less fortunate? With the state of the country with the economy, housing crisis, and unemployment rates sky high we should all pitch in and help our fellow human beings. I'm going to find ways to volunteer my time and talents to helping others.

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