Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 13 March 7 Respect your elders...

I woke up with a glimpse of what my life will be like if I do not find a mate to share my life with. My downstairs neighbor just turned 97 in February. She lives a lone. I always love going downstairs and hearing about her stories. She has wonderful old stories about how life was back a long time ago when she was a little girl. She can tell you about the first time she saw the firt automobile, the great fire of Atlanta that destroyed downtown from Boulevard all the way up Virginia Highlands. She can tell me about the depression, world wars, the equal rights movement and feminism. She tells me how our Buckhead neighborhood looked before the city decided to get rid of the old and put up condos that no one can afford to buy right now. She is a wealth of knowledge, lovely stories and a beautiful soul inside and out. I really enjoy listening to her tell me about the simplier life before cell phones, satellite tv, computers, facebook, and video games. She tells me of home cooked meals, marriages with children and sunday family dinners. Courting, dating and how much things use to cost. Now don't get me wrong, I love technology. Without technology I wouldn't be able to use my android phone or sit at this starbucks and post this blog into cyberspace for all the world to read if they want to. Technology has given us so much but it has also taken away alot. People don't respect people as much. We are so busy going and going, texting instead of calling or visiting. Our kids sit inside on the computer chatting or playing video games and never know what it is like to spend a day outside running through a simple thing like a sprinkler on a hot summers day. My neighbor, bless her heart reminds me of what life use to be and makes me question if I grew up at the right time. Do you ever dream of what it would be like to grow up in a simpler time? But like me, my neighbor was lucky in life but unlucky in love. She married but got divorced and never had children. She was a renagade for her time. Now she is 97 god bless her but has no family and most of her friends are deceased. Who cares for her when she has to go to the hospital. Luckily when she had a sprained muscle in her hip and leg both myself and my neighbor took her to the hospital, stayed with her until she was released, picked up her medication and got her home with her one request...a mcdonald's cheeseburger and fries. She has lived a long life and is very blessed. She is an amazing woman and gorgeous. But she is alone except for the few like me that have taken her under their wing...I would love to live to be 97 but I would love to have a loving husband, children and grandchildren to share the journey with. What if that never happens?

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  1. i once thought i wanted to live to be 105, when i was younger. now, at 39, i'm convinced that 58 is enough.