Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 19 Those Damn Girlscouts Get You Everytime

Saturday March 13 2010

I woke up exhausted. I had started the new hormone treatment my doctor had prescribed me last night when I got home. I woke up moody, tired and dizzy. Part of it was the hormones, part of it was lack of sleep. I got up and finished my vacuuming and dusting. I was not even showered or dressed when my mom got here. I told her of my failings of the night before but she kept encouraging me. I hurried up and got ready still beating myself up for the 2 drinks the night before.

My mom and I have in the last few years have grown to have one of the best relationships a mother and daughter could be lucky enough to have. We have worked very hard for it and I am grateful that she can visit so often. She is only 3 ½ hours away in the Knoxville Tennessee. She always comes once a month with my two old dogs Max 12 years and Hannah 11. ( I think) I only wish my dad who is on the road driving a truck could have come this time.

We had a great visit even though I felt tired and yucky. We found her hairdresser and I got to see a side of town that I had not been to in a long time. I need to get a car so I can explore the city more and not be just confined to my little neighbourhood of buckhead. It was a beautiful pre spring day and I got to take some pretty photos of the trees blooming as we drove back. We did some shopping. I got some new exercise pants a size smaller than normal which shows that diet and exercise does pay off. We went to Michaels and looked for hobbies I could take up. We went down every row. If you have never in your life experienced Michaels...it is a little intimidating. We went down the rows of crafts from painting, to scrapbooking, to needle point, jewlry making, candle making, fake flowers. We had the most fun trying on animal hats and sending pictures of us looking ridiculous to my father who inturn said we needed to find a hobby. Well hell, that is what we were doing there in the first place!
Before we knew it, it was 7. We grabbed some Cajun food from the take out place just loafing down the street. Two shrimp po boys dressed with to sides of jambalaya and some boudain. We went home to watch some Couple Retreat and eat 2 boxes of girl scouts cookies. Yes I fell of my diet wagon with a huge thud. But I enjoyed it with my mom watching couples retreat. I could not have asked for a better day, just less calories.

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