Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 11 Friday I'm in love

Sweet sweet friday. I love you so! Tonight honestly I was stumped on what to blog about. After my mini meltdown at work yesterday, it just seemed I didn't have much to say. But I took a walk and relized some things. Every once in a while, hell even maybe once a week, I will have a bad day. These days do not determine who I am or what direction my life is going to go in. What mattters is how I handle those bad days. In the end, yesterday was a great learning experience. I am not going to judge my progress by that one bad day. I must look at the whole week. In this week I have conquered a lot of difficult things. I started and maintained a diet. I did it all by myself with no fads, or expenive programs. I did it by eating right and portion control. I started an exercise plan. Sure, I'm only going 3 days but next week I will step it up to 4. Last week I weighed 5 pounds more. So it all paid off and the weight loss is better than any cupcake I could ever eat. It's not just about the pounds though. It's about setting my mind to something and sticking to it. I also networked a lot at work. Sure yesterday I could have handled things better, but it was a learning experience that I will grow from. I showed up today with my head held high and focused on the prize. This week I also got out of my confort zone and talked to a new man. That's a big step for me. So tonight I can go to bed truely pleased with myself. There is still a lot of work to be done. I am up to the challenge. Now it's time to enjoy the weekend!

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