Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 28 Monday March 22 Snow flurries?

What the hell? This weekend was a warm spring weekend. Flowers and trees blooming. People outdoors tanning and playing sports. This morning a cold front brought in by yesterday's previous thundershowers caused us to have snow flurries in the morning. Atlanta and it's weird weather. I wished I could have been a wake to see it. I love the snow! I should live up north!

So, I woke up at 5 am...sick! Called in sick again and made the decision to take myself to the hospital. I lucked out. I got there quick, they saw me right away. I got on the scale and lost 5 lbs since last Thursday. That was exciting. I would rather not be sick but to know that I am the thinnest I have been in 5 years gave me something to smile about. I saw my poor doctor who scratched his head while the 4 medical students looked on. What were they going to give me? Why was I worse and not better? They couldn't give me any steroids, I was already using inhalers, antiobiotics. I needed a decongestant and I'm allergic to them. Sudafed turns me into a nightmare. So what to do! Well I was a modern medical dilemma. In the end, I got put on 2 nose sprays, more antibiotics, an asthma medication, and allergy pill all to be taken at different times. I don't know how I will keep it all straight. I have all the 8+ meds on different shelves in my kitchen arranged my morning, afternoon and night. Between my crohn's medications, and this god I feel like a walking pharmacy. I faxed the notes to my manager who said I was okay and to just get better. She reassured me I didn't need to do anything else, she had everything covered and just to focus on getting better. I felt really reassured...until the call came from human resources. She had been alerted by my oh so concerned manager that I had been out for more than 5 days. They need to get FMLA paperwork from my doctor. I also needed to run and find a fax machine to fax the same doctor's notes to human resources that I have been sure to fax to my manager each time I went to the doctor. Now not only do I need to figure out how to take all these meds and get better, I also have to worry about the office and whether or not I go in or not. The short term disability just makes it more difficult to decide what my next move will be. I want to get better, I want to go back to work at 100%. I want to get paid. I want to be healthy and do a good job. But how soon is too soon! If the short term disability gets denied I'm out more PTO days. If it gets approved and I go back to soon I loose it. If I go back too soon I relapse. What to do?

I hope I feel better either way. So far...I think I do. We shall see. I did get home to see Betty White on Ellen getting a strip tease. That made up for this whole past week. I love Betty White!

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