Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year/ New Blog

I loved my first blog. I wished I had kept up with it but at the time I didn't have the resources to keep it going. I was living in a crappy apartment with iffy internet service. My PC computer kept breaking and honestly I was stuck in a rut. Ever wanted to fix everything in one day. I am always like that. I want everything done immediately and I thought that with the blog I could reinvent myself, find love, loose weight and become this super woman who knew herself. The truth is I did reinvent myself, I did find love, I am still loosing weight, but I am still not a superwoman. I'm still trying to find footing in my life just in new ways. So with that being said, I know this year is going to be the most exciting year of my life. Why?

Well the short version is I sold every piece of furniture I had. Moved out of the crappy apartment that was 1200 feet to a new apartment that was 600 square feet. Swore off men and decided to focus on my career and going to photography school. Life has a funny way of changing your plans.

Within a month of moving in, I started dating a man. An old friend. I had progressed. I usually dated bad boys. Guys that were emotionally, physically or just plan unavailable. This man and I will be married in 296 days. We moved in warped speed. Dating now for only 13 months, we moved into a bigger apartment, adopted a dog and got engaged in August. With getting married, merging families, and planning a wedding a whole new set of issues have popped up. I haven't had to live with someone in a long time. That means compromise. I didn't know that I had to trust completely. That meant my husband to be had to patient with me.  It also meant me letting go of the ghost of relationships past. We both had to learn how to remain ourselves, blend families and friends. It's had it's challenges. I never thought that planning a wedding was so expensive, so time consuming. I didn't know my life would stay the same but change so drastically. So reinventing yourself at 35 is now getting married at 38. The blog will not just be about me getting married. It won't be just about place settings, dress colors, cake tasting etc. It will be about two people never married trying to figure it all out. I still don't know what I'm going to call it. I just know I'm going to do this!

It will still be heartfelt and honest. I hope you will enjoy it. Happy New Year!

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